New beginnings

New focus and website redesign

Jesse Harrison


February 28, 2023

It was then I knew the beginning of something new…

For many years, my interest in creating visual art was strongly focused on landscape and nature photography, often with some musical inspiration. This led me to design several album covers and also music videos. More recently I have felt a shift in my approach, moving toward and through a wider range of topics and media to work with. The interest in photography remains, but there are also new areas to explore.

That shift also means there was a need for a complete reworking of my website to create room for new types of content. Spending some time to find a suitable tool for this, I was very happy to discover Quarto. As part of the process, I also reworked my other professional website using the same tool and linked both pages together.

I’ve always preferred lightweight websites and feel this new version does a good job at featuring different kinds of content without sacrificing simplicity. I hope you feel the same and enjoy browsing!