Tomas Weiss

Owner of el culto music portal


(Album art and videos, 2010 –)


All started by 'coincidence' when (back in 2008) we exchanged some emails about music and the 'deeper' meaning of it. When he shared some of his images with me, I immediately felt connected to the wider understanding of his art. There was an additional layer in his work that I've missed in a lot of photos I saw before. It almost felt like he had a kind of special third eye to capture the real essence of that present moment in front of his lens. Speaking about music and the labels I'm running, this inexplicable sense was always a very important point for me as well, with respect to the art I create. Needless to say, with years passing by his skills and technique improved greatly. Whenever I’ve had a request for any cover artwork or videos, I could be sure he would deliver something extraordinary.  


Aside from all this (and most importantly), we have become very good friends and I very much look forward to new creative developments in the future!

Juho Myllylä

Musician, guitarist-singer and songwriter for Burntfield


(Album art, 2018)


I initially came across Jesse’s work from several ambient / electronic music album covers and had always felt there was something special to his visual expression; eye-catching yet something that speaks to you and connects with the music on a deeper level. Although far from “pure ambient”, I asked him to design the album art for the progressive alternative rock band Burntfield’s new album Hereafter.  A pleasing collaborative process of exchanging ideas, marked by to-the-point communication and a very smooth working efficiency, resulted in the creation of a set of beautiful images, based on which Jesse delivered a stunning artwork. There’s an exceptional atmospheric quality in Jesse’s photos, which has made a strong impression on me and gives a perfectly matching visual entity to the progressive music, connecting with the real emotions it conveys, always conceived with the atmosphere first.